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Women's Hair Replacement/Hair Extensions

There are "No" limits to any hair style you choose to wear. Hair Solutions services women clients who need hair replacement from thinning to baldness. Your hair is perfectly blended and is an integral part of Hair Solutions answer to your hair replacement needs.

In addition, we service clients who are chemotherapy patients - full wig are available with 100% human hair, your choice of styles.

Custom Blending

Megahair is offered in 21 realistic shades, 3 lengths and 8 different textures that can be blended to achieve a complete customized design.

100% Quality Human Hair

Hair Extensions - Strand by strand of 100% human hair extended to your hair to achieve density, volume and length in your choice of blended vibrant colors with professional assistance on styling.

Bold, Vibrant Colors

18 or 22 inches; 21 shades
4 oz. hand- or machine-tied
3 textures: High Silky, High Jerry, High Body. Euro Wave
(machine-tied only)

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