Laser Technology for Hair Loss

Hair Solutions is proud to offer cutting-edge, innovative laser technology to help you win the battle against hair loss.

Stimulating hair growth has never been easier or faster.

Benefits of Laser Therapy

  • Increase growth factors for more oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicle
  • Energizes and awakens weakened and dormant hair follicles
  • Reverses hairs thinning process and restores hairs natural growth cycle
  • Stimulates hair to grow fuller, denser and stronger
  • Ongoing treatment is required to maintain benefits

How Laser Therapy Works

Laser therapy delivers gentle, nourishing low-level laser (light) energy to your hair follicles to stimulate cellular energy production and create a healthier environment for hair growth. This boost of laser light encourages more blood flow to the follicle, helping to bring in more oxygen and nutrients, which activates antioxidant defenses and speeds up the elimination of waste products such as DHT. This laser light treatment helps to reverse the thinning process, restore your hair’s natural growth cycle and REGROW your hair. This advanced technology is safe, effective and simple to use in the comfort of your home.

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